The AI software that solves crossword puzzles using NLP technology and the web

Crossword puzzles are both a popular language game and a fascinating area of research in artificial intelligence.

Solving them requires a combination of skills:


Determining the correct answer requires a sequence of language and logic steps that starts with understanding the clue.

Rich and Extensive Knowledge

Understanding language requires technology and tools that reason and infer meaning from different pieces of information. These tools include ontologies, knowledge graphs, self-updating web knowledge and solved crossword puzzles.

Smart Reasoning

WebCrow uses a combination of NLU expertise and AI and ML solutions to identify potential answers, evaluate them and enter them into the puzzle grid.

Can you compete with WebCrow?

Developed by and the University of Siena, WebCrow is the first AI-based software that tackles a language game using NLP technology and the richest self-updating repository of human knowledge available: the web. The multi-lingual WebCrow is the world’s first Italian and English crossword puzzle solver.

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