AI vs Human

January 12th, 2023
13:10 – 14:00

Try challenging WebCrow with French Crosswords puzzle and AVCX American Crosswords puzzle!

Would you like to join the competition?

To participate in the event “AI vs Human: Can you compete with WebCrow?”
Click here or send an email to

There are two ways to participate in this event:

Classroom participation

Location: Kahn building at Inria centre at Université Côte d’Azur, Sophia Antipolis, Nice.

Participation is free but space is limited. Submit your reservation by enrolling on the gaming platform.
A laptop, tablet or smartphone will be required for accessing the gaming platform at

Online participation

You can participate online by accessing the game platform at

Challenge program

Crossword puzzles are available thanks to two French authors:

 Serge Prasil and Michel Labeaume

The American crossword puzzles are available thanks to:

AVCX Crosswords
AVCX – Crosswords for the (not) faint of heart

Challenge details

At around 13:10 the challenge will take place, which will involve solving 3 crosswords:

  • a French demo crossword puzzle for becoming familiar with the gaming platform
  • a French crossword puzzle valid for the ranking: medium/easy difficulty
  • a French crossword puzzle valid for the ranking: medium/hard difficulty
  • a American crossword puzzle valid for the ranking: medium/hard difficulty

The demo crossword puzzle will have 5 minutes resolution time limit. No score will be assigned and it will not contribute to the ranking.

The other two crossword puzzles valid for the ranking will have a maximum resolution time limit of 10 or 15 minutes.

The crosswords will be proposed in sequence with some time latency. Thus, it will be possible to participate in both challenges.
The challenges will officially close by 14:00.